Color Walk – Success!

Thank you to everyone: parents, students, friends, and family, who came out to support our school this weekend.  The fundraiser was a big success, thanks to everyone’s effort and generosity.  
We had been planning this days since the start of school, but on the morning of the color walk, the day dawned to pouring rain.  Should we stay on schedule? Should we cancel?  So much effort had gone into preparing for the day: students collected 73 individual pledges, parents volunteered time to bake more than 20 different items, the t-shirts were printed, color goggles ready, and color packs distributed.  After a careful calculations (and lots of weather checking) we decide to go forward.
At 2pm supporters arrived wearing rain boots and ponchos and ready to walk! By 2:30 the rain had stopped and the color walk was underway!  More than 40 people showed up and a total of 444 laps were walked.  The prize for “most laps walked” (17) was awarded to an elementary student, with most of the elementary class filling out the rest of the upper ranks of long-distance walkers. Other prizes “Littlest Walker,” “Most Enthusiastic Color-thrower,” and “Most Colorful Walker” were also awarded.
The bake sale items were a big hit and by 3:45 the food was all sold, and fun, sun, and lots of color was seen by all!  In this one day we were able to raise almost 40% of our fundraising goal for the year.  Thank you to everyone for your support and generosity.  We look forward to seeing you again!
A special thank you to the our business sponsors:
The Antique Mall