Fostering a Lifelong Love
of Learning and Service

"The very first time I drove onto school grounds I felt at home. I knew we'd found a good place for our children to grow," said S.F., parent.

Admissions Procedures

Admission to the World Community Montessori is a simple but careful process. An important element of our students’ success has come from making sure our methodologies are compatible with the parents’ vision for their children’s education.


Why Choose Us

Guidelines to Success

At World Community Montessori we strive to cultivate the following guidelines for our students to help them to...

High School Field Trip to DC

We, the high school class and two chaperones, hopped on the morning train out of Lynchburg and headed on an exciting...

Open Letter to Maria Montessori

In honor of her 153rd birthday the American Montessori Society wrote a letter to Maria Montessori.

Dear Maria...