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The World Community Education Center Junior High School Program serves youth ages 12 to 14 who have previously attended a Montessori elementary program. Classes are small (2 to 6 students) and include core curriculum subjects such as math, science, writing, literature, social studies, and a foreign language.  Specialty classes in physical education, art, music, and drama are offered. Building on their Montessori foundation, students continue their hands-on learning experiences through project-based learning in, for example, plant study, physics, and environmental studies. The interrelatedness of subjects in the world outside the classroom walls is explored through experiences such as gardening, local community service projects, and more extensive field trips to the wider community.


Job Description: Junior High School Coordinator/InstructorApplication deadline June 30th

The Junior High School Coordinator is a guide who directs all activities and communications within the Junior High School environment, including coordination of students’ schedules and academic classes, personal needs, and interdisciplinary management in a prepared environment that challenges each student to reach his/her fullest potential in accordance with World Community Education Center’s focus on academic excellence and universal spiritual values.


Mathematics  Junior High School level (ages 12 to 14) Pre-algebra through Algebra II. Curriculum will include teaching in some computer-based programs.

Preferred: Ability to teach Senior High School courses Algebra through Calculus.

BA or BS required.


Science  Junior High School level (ages 12-14) General introduction to physical science, biology, and earth science/ecology.

Preferred: Experience with project-based learning.

Preferred: Ability to teach High School biology, chemistry, and/or physics.

BA or BS required.


Social Studies   Junior High School level (ages 12-14) American History and Civics.

Preferred: Experience with project-based learning.

BA or BS required.


Spanish  Elementary (ages 6-12) and Junior High School (ages 12 to 14)

Required: Degree in Spanish or native speaker with teaching experience and/or teacher training.