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The World Community Education Center  serves youth ages 3 to 18.  Primary and Elementary are Montessori based classrooms with hands on activities to nurture the child’s innate love of learning.  Classes are small (3 to 12 students) and include core curriculum subjects such as math, science, writing, literature, social studies, and a foreign language.  Specialty classes in physical education, art, music, and drama are offered.

Jr and Sr High classes build on the Montessori foundation, students continue their hands-on learning experiences through project-based learning in, for example, plant study, physics, and environmental studies. The interrelatedness of subjects in the world outside the classroom walls is explored through experiences such as gardening, local community service projects, and more extensive field trips to the wider community.

We will be posting job openings for School Year 2018-19 in March. Please check back with us then.